Challenge coins or custom coins have been given as tokens of bravery, brotherhood or achievement since time immemorial. But do you know that you can also use custom coins to engrave memories of special occasions?

You, your friends and your loved ones will always remember the special moment whenever the engraved custom coins are seen on display or felt in your hands. The very sight or feel of the coin will bring back memories of the wonderful time you have spent together. It will somehow connect you in thoughts with everyone who attended the event.

Photographs and other memorabilia also bring back memories of days gone by but coins are durable and can last a lifetime depending on the materials used. Coins can also have a photograph printed on a coin along with the engraved texts. Choose a design with an antique finish for that vintage look. There many options available for a custom-made coin design as illustrated below.

Shapes Other Than Round

custom coinsCoins are usually round but there are other shapes available based on your preferences. Shapes can be polygon, square and dog tag. You can even have your coin in the shape of a star, a bottle opener or a tree. You can also have it with a keychain attachment. It is now easy to customize the shape of coins thanks to the new molding technology. However odd the shape you prefer, this revolutionary molding process can accommodate your needs.

Uniquely Cut Edges

Aside from the smooth edges particular of an ordinary coin design, you can have your custom coins made with different types of edges to enhance your preferred theme. Choices for custom edges include, flat, rope, bevel, cross cut and oblique. Textured edges make coins look more interesting when displayed and provide greater feel when fingers are run through it.

Base Metal Options

Polished silver or gold base metals are the usual options in making coins. Brass will look just as handsome when polished. You can also opt for an antique finish for a dramatic effect or have a dual-tone or tri-tone for some highlights.

Colorized Coins

Aside from photos incorporated on your coin, make it more appealing by choosing the colors that you want or have a holographic effect applied on your coin design. An epoxy coating will protect your colorized coin and give it a smooth finish.

Packaging Options

Giving out coins in packages will certainly make it more special. The packaging should match with the design of your coin and the overall theme of the event. You can choose the pouch insert type of packaging containing some imprint saying “thank you” or whatever short message you want to go along with the coin. If you want a more elegant package, you may want to go for the velvet presentation box.

Custom coins are now being used for immortalizing company logos, brand names, awards, recognitions and commemorating any special event that deserves to be remembered forever. Fund-raising events attract more supporters with the use of customized coins with a logo or special message engraved on it. People can use coins as pendants, bracelets, charms or just add them to their coins collection. The design flexibility of coins will allow you to have your coin in the form of a keychain, a pin or a medallion. Coins are special items that are worn, carried or displayed. They are usually passed on from one generation to the next and are rarely thrown away. A coin will help you relive memories of the good old days. Memories may fade but the special coin you have can surely last a lifetime.

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Movable cubicles are necessary for both commercial and residential purposes. If you want to rent of buy your own, it is important that you choose a reputable supplier in order to get the best value for the money you spent. Considered as an investment, you need something that is durable and sturdy.
You should transact only with a trust worthy and credible supplier of movable cubicles. A lot of suppliers will claim that they have the best movable cubicle to offer but in reality, only a few of them can give what they have promised. Take time to research so you won’t give in to their baits. Look for reviews from the expert that will provide the technical information and features that you can expect with a particular type and model. Also, read the customer feedback so you will know about the user experience and the practical information.
You can ask your family, friends and co-workers about their recommendations of a movable cubicle that you can buy and use. Their first hand information and experience are a great way so you can exactly determine what you are looking for. They can also give you appropriate referrals to suppliers that they already trust.
A good supplier should be known to provide secure and high quality movable cubicles. As a customer, you need to have a weather resistant place to store your valuables. You have to make sure that the movable cubicle you have can withstand harsh weather conditions so that its content will not be damaged. Durability is one of your concerns why you choose a movable cubicle so it is supposed to be a long term investment.
Security is another concern so a supplier should be able to provide a movable cubicle that has heavy duty locks. This is to keep your valuables safe and secure from different weather conditions, insects and rodents as well as burglars lurking around and ready to strike whenever they have a chance.
Choose a supplier that provides after sales support and warranty. This is one way for you to be assured that you will be provided in case you need help when something goes wrong even after you are done with your transaction. Despite a very careful checkup, you cannot avoid sometimes that the movable cubicle you bought is defective. If you were given a warranty by the supplier, you will be able to ask for replacement or request them to do the repair. There are instances when you encounter some issues with your movable cubicle. A reliable supplier will be able to send a customer assistance personnel who can provide troubleshooting and help provide solutions to your concerns.
Movable CubiclesWith the growing competition in the market today, a lot of suppliers can provide a competitive pricing for movable cubicles. Customers like you can take advantage of this opportunity in order to find a movable cubicle that is just within the reasonable price range. Compare prices from a number of suppliers while considering all the factors in making your choice. You will be able to create a shortlist of the possible suppliers that you can transact with. Call each of them and ask for additional information regarding their product.
While you are making comparison of the prices, take into account the other features included in every product while thinking about the other factors previously mentioned. Keep in mind also to check out if the supplier offers special deals that you can avail of in order to have huge savings and additional perks. With the right information and good decision making, you will be able to find a high quality movable cubicle that is worth of the money you invested.

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Have you ever wondered why your phone feels so light, yet, all the functionalities of a high-quality phone, a laptop and everything but the proverbial kitchen sink are packed in the device? Well, the answer is because of software and technology. But without the advancement in printed circuit boards, or PCBs, there will be no way to even use software-driven functions. The answer lies on the manufacturing of the board. Surface-mount technology is the future of consumer electronics.
printed circuit boardSurface-mount technology, or SMT, is popularly used today in modern electronic equipment. It is actually a method used to produce electronic circuits wherein the components are mounted onto the surface of printed circuit boards.
When you are talking about a device which incorporates SMT, this is what you call a surface-mount device. An SMD is light-weight and compact. These characteristics make SMDs attractive to the electronics market.
SMT takes the lead from its old counterpart, the through-hole mounting (THM). This old technology requires the construction of large-sized PCBs to fit in standard-sized components. It also involves the drilling of holes into the board to house all the needed electronics components. It is, however, a good strategy by manufacturers to use the advantages of both technologies.
But why do manufacturers choose SMT? Well, these are some of the advantages it brings:
•Smaller components – These components are measured to as low as in tenths of a millimeter (0.1mm), while its through-hole counterparts are still measured in millimeters to a couple of centimeters (10mm=1cm). Just remember that a small penny is almost 1 centimeter in diameter. Components also have not yet been standardized, therefore they will tend to shrink more as time progresses. This is the reason why SMT is considered the future of printed circuit boards.
•More components per unit area resulting to more connections per component – This is the result of the technology and a good PCB layout design. While SMD components are extremely small, a good board design still makes the difference. A good multi-layer PCB fabrication method also contributes to the large components-per-unit-area, and connections-per-component ratio. Nonetheless, this technology still packs a lot of electronics parts in a very limited area, as compared to the old technology
•Most SMT parts are cheaper than their through-hole counterpart – both SMT and THM components are not new in the market. Therefore, there is no reason for SMT components to be priced higher. Smaller parts also mean smaller production costs.
•Little to no drill holes – SMT requires components to be mounted to a board without any attachment to holes. They are only attached via a soldering joint. Drilling holes takes time, which also can affect your manufacturing cost.
•Both sides of the circuit board can be used without affecting the other side – because there are virtually no holes, the boards can maximize their potential component housing capabilities. Mobile phones are the usual beneficiaries of this advantage. Both sides of the board contain electronics components, but most of the components from one side have no effect on the operation of its flip side.
•Shake and vibration have little effect to performance – THM’s biggest weakness is that an accidental drop can possibly snap the solder of a component. Shaking it violently can also cause the same problem. The solder may crack through this constant vibration. SMDs also suffer from problems stated. The difference, however, is that solder from a THM requires more unit area to be filled-up, hence, will result to a higher possibility of a crack when it is indirectly “attacked.” Remember the Walls of Jericho? The SMT, on the other hand, solders only the pins that are needed to be connected to the board, thus leading to a compact and sturdy build.
•More positive effects when used in an assembly line – SMT is used popularly in large manufacturing businesses. The SMT assembly processes are simpler, faster and more automated than the old technology. These procedure make the manufactured printed circuit boards less expensive more efficient. More time and money is therefore saved by the investor.
The list above discusses the benefits of printed circuit boards manufactured via surface-mount technology. Keep in mind, however, that this technology has its flaws, as well. One of its weaknesses is: it requires money and sophisticated tools before you can adopt the technology. It is also difficult to develop, troubleshoot and repair prototypes with this. The knowledge of this technology, however, can positively influence your future plans for expansion.

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Motivation is a process that guides, initiates and keeps people to be goal-oriented. It causes people to act in a certain behavior. In a company, to achieve good results, each employee should be motivated. If the employees are unmotivated, productivity and job satisfaction will be negatively affected.
Motivational speakers boost the energy, productivity and morale of employees. An increased productivity could mean higher sales. They can reinforce objectives, goals and spur new ideas. Companies love hiring a motivational speaker for several reasons.
1. Experience
Perhaps, this is the number one reason why businesses hire motivational speakers. They can share knowledge and different life experiences with the audiences. Since they have faced some circumstances themselves, they can understand well the situation and are credible to give solutions to it. Their inspirational words can encourage employees to perform well.
2. Objectivity
Occasionally, some company leaders tend to lose their objectivity when they get stuck in ruts. It becomes a problem when a company losses out on target audiences. This is when a motivational speaker gets into the way. He can be straightforward to address the problem and give fresh ideas on solving it. It will be worthy for a company to hear facts from a logical person.
3. Compelling
Motivational speakerChief Executive Officers and company managers are not patient enough to change their employee’s perception towards work. A motivational speaker can do this. He can convince people that working hard results in success. Every company needs motivational speakers who can instill drive to its employees. That is why most companies organize monthly seminars. Moreover, a motivational speaker can remind people that the purpose of life is more than just working a nine-to-five job.
4. Positivity
Motivational speakers spread inspiration and positivity all around. It is really amazing how they can bring positivity to people. This feeling of positivity causes happiness and productivity among employees. Thus, company groups will have better teamwork.
5. New ideas
The problem with having same group leaders is that sometimes they tend to become stagnant, and come up with outdated ideas. If it happens, the effectiveness and efficiency of a business is greatly reduced. Hiring motivational speakers is a smart move to do because they always have new ideas to offer and use fresh approaches to deal with things. Often, they are considered catalysts for development and change.
Advantages of Hiring Motivational Speakers
One of the good characteristics of a motivational speaker is its ability to convey inspirational messages that have great impact on the listener. He can empower his audiences with energy and excitement. Also, he can present effective solutions to overcome the company’s challenges and stagnation.
How do they make it possible?
Motivational speakers use different techniques and tactics. They present materials in a manner that allows companies to use appropriate practices in achieving their goals. These techniques include case studies, personal stories, teamwork training and activities.
Most companies that invest in motivational speakers experience some sort of a revitalization. Business speakers have the ability to enhance the thinking process of audiences, allowing them to solve problems better, improve creative thinking skills and overcome challenges. In general, these things encourage passion for work and increase the confidence of employees.
Things to do when hiring motivational speakers
When hiring motivational speakers, the first thing that you have to do is to read on reviews of different speakers who have expertise on a topic that you are looking for. The good thing about them is that they can adapt materials easily to fit the target audience. Inform them what you expect for a presentation and what you want to accomplish. Lastly, you can watch online some videos of motivational speakers.

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Having your own online resource gives you a big advantage. After all, your own information becomes easily accessible through the Internet. With a lot of hosting sites available, taking advantage of signing up for a VPS is easy.


VPS is a virtual partition within a physical server that can be configured to act like an actual physical server for the user. A whole operating system can be installed within it and programs can be installed inside, as long as it and the OS are compatible. VPS means “virtual private server.”


Two main types of VPS are available from hosting sites: the Linux VPS server and the Cloudstack hosting. The Linux VPS server is run by an open-source operating system which allows a user to take advantage of running software that is not bound by any licensing issues and can be fully customized, depending on what the user wants.


The Cloudstack hosting uses the Windows operating system to run the VPS. If you are to use this kind of VPS, you can:


Cloudstack Hosting•Easily manage and use your VPS, even if it will be your first time. Windows-based VPS will have a very similar work environment to a computer that is run by a Windows OS.


•Get great support for scripts like ASP and


•Easily run a database within the VPS especially if you use MS SQL.


•Get assistance and updates directly from Microsoft.


For those who want to take advantage of a VPS server but are just starting with online business, they can use a Cloudstack hosting. Running your own website or your very own blog can be easier by using a VPS server; updating information can easily be done here. Gamers can also take advantage of this to host their own game servers.


There are other uses for a Cloudstack hosting:


•File Storage and Access – you can keep your files and retrieve them anywhere, as long as you have Internet access. You can also use this to share your information to others that may need them; you just need to allow them access to your VPS.


•Communication – for bloggers, using their own space online will allow them to easily manage the information that they want to appear on their site. Uploading pictures to update a blog post can become easier this way.


For a quick comparison, there are also other hosting services available. Shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting are the most popular among the available services.


Through shared hosting, all the users will use the same physical server but resources (like the memory and CPU usage) will be shared by all users. Of course, that’ll cause a slowdown if heavy Internet traffic occurs. Dedicated hosting will allow you to have a whole physical server to yourself, but it can become a very expensive option.


Through VPS, it uses ideas from both shared hosting and dedicated hosting, combining them to create a service that can be easy on the resources but at the same time feels like a dedicated server. A virtual server is created inside a physical server. So, all users will still be using a single server; but with VPS, it will act like individual servers.


There are still some things that a user must be aware of when availing of a VPS server service:


•Hardware limitations can still be possible since all servers are still stored inside a single physical server. If the physical server gets overloaded, this is when the problem may start.


•IP addressing can also be an issue; the IP address that you might be using may be shared by other users within the physical server and it may cause confusion when trying to retrieve information while other users are accessing their own data as well.

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Baseball pins have been a classic icon for supporting someone’s favorite baseball team. Ever since the sport of baseball had become popularized, pins were quick to follow through. This aimed to allow the fans to support their favorite teams and players. Announcers would wear pins when commenting for the game while it was being broad casted over the radio. Children would value pins and wear them with pride, as if they were wearing badges. Men would pin these icons to their suits and jackets, coats, and even hats.
Baseball pins have come a very long way since those early days of the sport, however they are still very good iconic symbols for someone’s support of the sport or a particular team. Even up to today, people would still pin them to their formal wear and even their outdoor wear, messenger bags or backpacks. Teenagers, adults, and children, all use pins in one way or another, to show their support for something they believe in.
baseball pinsOf course there are other ways to show support like buying caps, bags, shirts, and other accessories that would show a logo or a slogan of their favorite team. Sometimes they even use just a simple image of a baseball and a bat. Many of these things, however, are one time use items.
Shirts are normally meant to be worn only during a particular game or season. The print on the shirt would be connotative of the particular season. When the season changes the shirt also loses its supportive value, and merely becomes another work shirt or home shirt. These are normally never used out of the house again. Caps on the other hand can be re-used however; it is still something that becomes less presentable over time. Bags commonly last longer, but many of these bags are really meant for only a handful of tasks, and basically become almost useless over the progress of time.
In today’s economy, it has become inefficient to utilize this method of support simply because of the deterioration of value. The baseball pin, however, is almost immortal and is able to withstand the tests of time. Being easily vulnerable only to rust, pins are guaranteed to last longer than the printed baseball team shirts that fade. Pins can survive the entire season of the sport and at the same time can also survive the various weather conditions, while maintaining that clean and glossy look that lets people notice it. Pins can also be handled through generations.
Not only does it last, but baseball pins are also very cheap and can be found almost anywhere. Of course there is the issue of the quality of the pins, but if a good one is found then they can be very effective. Nice looking, pins can also become very catchy and appealing to the eyes of others who also support the same team. Baseball pins can also vary from shapes and sizes, and not only that, they are more adaptive in terms of the shapes and sizes. Made of metal alloys that make the pin light, these baseball pins can also be fashioned to form different figures such as baseball bats or baseballs, gloves, helmet shapes, lettering styles, logos, and the likes.
The other nice thing with regards to pins, is that it is a three dimensional signal. Rather than using a simple two dimensional image on a shirt, the pin can be 3 dimensional. The shape can actually compliment what people would wear and would definitely make a good part of any baseball collection. In conclusion, pins are very useful ways of showing support for a baseball team or the sport of baseball, and can be very cheap and still eye-catching.

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Custom pins are on the rise now. Some use them as fashion statements, some use them for brand marketing and advertising, and others use them for identification or to show their affiliation.
The pins can be manufactured in a variety of ways. They can also be differentiated depending on the technique used in manufacturing them. One of the types of pin is called the Cloisonné. The Cloisonné is a technique that involves enamel and compartments are made in the metal product. The name was derived from the French word cloisons which means “compartments” in French. The technique has been around since ancient times. It was used by early civilizations like the Egyptians to create their jewelry. There are usually three styles of products that are produced with the Cloisonné technique; these are concave, convex, and flat. The technique has evolved through time and the materials used are now different but the Cloisonné technique is still considered to be one of the best ways to produce quality pins.
Another type of pin is the soft enamel pin. Soft enamel pins are produced like the compartmentalized technique used in Cloisonné pins. The design for the soft enamel pins is stamped into a flat metal surface. The recessed areas are colored one by one. Soft enamel pins are best used for designs with multiple colors.
Custom pinsA Photo etched pin is a type of pin that stamps out the outline of the design and the colors are injected using syringes. It is cheaper compared to Cloisonné pins or the soft enamel pins because it uses a thinner metal plate for etching. The design is transferred to the pin by using an acid-reaction process. The process is responsible for transferring the design in the metal plate. The design is imprinted in a photo negative for this particular process. Like the soft enamel pins, the top layer can become smoother with the use of an epoxy. The epoxy also acts as an additional protective layer for the pin.
Photo dome pins are another type of pins that are made by printing the design on a paper or vinyl after which the design is applied to a metal base. The paper or vinyl is then coated with a protective epoxy dome that repels dirt and other elements that may destroy the pin. The process is simple and relatively fast which makes it one of the most popular manufacturing processes for custom pins.
Screen printing or silk screening pins are made using the silk screen process. A tool called the silk screen (usually made up of a rectangular wire mesh) is used to transfer the design to the pin. A base coat is first applied to the material then a print out of the design will be placed underneath the silk screen tool. Colors are done one by one and other parts of the design are blocked off to protect from coloring the wrong parts in the design. Stamps made from screen printing are best used for complicated designs and designs with highly intricate specifications.
Offset printing or the 4-color process is a type of pin that makes use of an offset printer to achieve designs with complex blend of colors. In this process, the design is first transferred to a plate, then to a rubber blanket, and finally to the printing surface. With offset printing, colors can “bleed” and therefore reach the edges of the pin. Usually, this type of process s used for pins that use complex art and photos with high-resolution colors.
Custom pins are great accessories and have a lot of different uses. If you are planning to order custom pins, it would be better to have a thorough discussion with the company who would be making your pins. This way, they can explain to you and suggest what type of process the pins should undergo to fully implement the design and outcome for your pins. Also, prices will depend on the type of pin you will choose so it is always a good suggestion to factor the type of pin in your budget. All types of pins should be of good quality and none of them should outdo the other in terms of delivering the best outcome for pins.

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Are your employees tremendously proud to tell everyone that they work for your company? Are they passionate about their roles in the organization and are sincerely concerned about the future of the business? Do they feel their value in the company and see that their professional advancement is being addressed? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then you can confidently say that employee engagement in your company is healthy and more than satisfactory.
Employee engagement is very important to every business, whether big or small. It is the defining factor that will assess if your employees are deeply concerned about the future of the business and not there just to do their day’s work, unattached and uninvolved. It is this deep sense of commitment that helps propel a business forward because committed employees often are the most productive. More than that, a healthy employee engagement gives assurance to the management that these people that they hired, trained, and rely on will stay with them for many years. It is not just about taking care of their investments on their employees, but ensuring that daily operations are not interrupted by mass resignations or losing key personnel.
Going back to the above questions, were they answered based on collected data or mere assumptions? It is really hard to tell if employee engagement is strong in your organization unless you measure it, and the best way to do so is by conducting an employee engagement survey.
employee engagement surveyAn employee engagement survey is a set of questions asked to every employee that tackles different areas of the organization as far as their work is concerned. This includes salaries, working environment, work-life balance, communication with colleagues and authorities, and benefits to name a few. The answers are often presented in a scale, ranging from not satisfied to extremely satisfied, to help the management assess the employees’ exact sentiments regarding these subjects.
The employee engagement survey is often done by the company’s HR department, whether in manual writing or with the use of computer programs. In recent years, however, several companies specializing in this activity have come up to offer their services. There are a lot of advantages in hiring them. For one, it frees the HR department from the added workload so that they can concentrate on their inherent responsibilities in the company. Second, hiring a third-party service assures the company that the survey will be done professionally and customized to meet the company’s goals. Providers will take charge of everything, from designing the questionnaires, conducting the survey, collating and reporting the results, and following up with the action plans. These providers are experts in presenting data for easy comprehension by the management and configured based on different variables, such as priority, performance, and score. This makes it easier for the business owner and the management staff to identify problems in the organizations so that action plans can be designed to address them one by one on defined schedules.
As you can see, the management has a lot to gain in conducting an employee engagement survey. It gives them a clear insight on how their employees see them as employers and on the commitment level of their personnel, not just to their jobs but to the company itself. It also allows them to pinpoint problematic areas in the organization so that they can be resolved immediately. Employees, on the other hand, can benefit from the survey too by using it as a means to voice out their opinions, compliments, grievances, and feedbacks. Just the mere fact that they were given the privilege to speak out without the fear of being reprimanded in return is empowering and affirms their value in the organization.
If your company is not doing engagement surveys yet, it is about time that you do. Do it regularly to see if your management technique is driving deeper commitment from your employees or not. For all you know, the current failures experienced by your business has nothing to do with your business itself but is caused by unconcerned and uninvolved individuals in your organization. Take time to remedy this and see your business succeed.

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You may not know it but you can actually make money buying and selling junk cars you get from a junk car Atlanta shop. You can strip the parts of the car and sell its parts, or you can fix the car into a drivable one and then sell it for a lot more than the actual price you paid for it. If you want to have experience on fixing old cars, you can do this by working on a junk car. Here are tips to buy this kind of vehicle.
Search the internet for the junk car atlanta shops. There are various websites which can point you to many locations near your area. You may also be able to come across a junk car with an online presence that charges minimal in shipping and delivering cars.
Go to Craigslist on the internet or other classified websites which permit private institutions to sell old cars on the internet. If you purchase a junk vehicle from a private entity, you can save some money rather than purchasing from tow yards that usually have a minimum. Just expect to pay cash when dealing with private parties.
Check if the junk car you choose can still run. If it does, its value actually increases a bit. Remember that cars may not start because of a poor ignition system or a dead battery but such issues can be repaired without difficulty.
junk car atlantaSearch for odd options or uncommon parts of your junk car. Many cars have optional equipment from their manufacturers and such will increase their value in the future. For instance, the older models having factory AC or air conditioning are more expensive than cars that do not have them. Other parts which make a vehicle more valuable are automatic transmission, odd factory wheels, rear vent windows, factory radios and extra chrome parts.
Inspect if the car you will buy from your nearby junk car Atlanta shop has a running gear in good condition and that it has matching numbers. Transmissions and engines have serial numbers that match the car and if they are still there unaltered, the value of the car increases. Car models that are rare and have original engines are more valuable than cars with replaced or no engines.
See if the frame and the body of the car are rusty. Due to corrosive exposure such as road salting, the frame and floor boards are susceptible to rust more quickly than its other areas. These are also hard to replace. If your junk car still has proper floor boards, it is more valuable than a car with rusted floor boards. If you drive your car having a rusty frame, this can be dangerous to you.
See if your junk car has missing wires or a faulty wiring system. If the car has been left for years in tow yards, barns or fields to rust, rodents may have come inside and chewed on the wires. They may even build nests in the car’s sensitive areas. It is hard and costly to repair wiring harnesses and a damaged wire can also cause a fire.
Know the condition of all the parts of your junk car and determine their value instead of the entire vehicle. You see, buyers would usually pay a lot of money for original parts. These can be a lot more valuable than your whole car. If your chrome bumpers are not rusty or have no dents or your window glass is still in place, these will raise the car’s value.
With these tips, you can get a good deal from your junk car Atlanta shop.

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Badge lanyards are simple and effective ways of attaching an identification card to and around one’s body. The simple significance of the lanyard is to show the card clearly and visibly. This serves as a distinction characteristic for many people within a workplace or school wherein everyone is likely to be wearing the same or at least similar articles of clothing on a daily basis. This is required by most establishments with regard to their employees, faculty, students and the likes of almost everyone but the customer (on occasion, even customers are asked to wear an identification card when entering specific premises or structures).
Many employers, however, find these things to be rather unattractive objects that seem to add to the dullness of the uniform that each employee is already wearing. The simple string may generally be of a single color that may or may not match the uniform. The card grip usually may a simple plastic casing for the card or literally just a clip, especially when the identification card already has a slot where the grip could be attached to. Many find them too simple, plain, or they may even think that, since their employees are office workers, it would end up making them look like students instead.
There are, however, many other ways to spice up an employee’s look, despite having the classic badge lanyard attached to their necks. Customized lanyards are now very popular among big establishments and are normally distributed to employees. They are also occasionally given even to the customers as a means of advertising the business or product that is noted on the customized lanyard.
Badge lanyards can be customized or even themed by the office or establishment. This actually aids in the process of identification simply because people notice the lanyard before they actually look down towards the identification card. It is a simple almost unnoticeable thing; however, first impressions do really matter in the world of business and even at times in the world of schooling and studies. A person who wears badge lanyards lets them know that they work in this particular grocery store would normally be mistaken for working elsewhere without looking directly at the person’s ID card.
Badge LanyardsIt generally may seem like an uninteresting thing to note or think about; however, it may help in actually performing the job better. First impressions really make a big difference with regards to how the person treats another; hence these simple and almost un-notable differences that can be seen on a person’s attire actually throw in a big impact on other people’s perception. The eyes are the most utilized sensory organ in today’s technological society; hence what appeals to the eyes will generally appeal to other people, the customers in particular. The message from the eyes to the brain elicits responses, and these responses can be affected by simply going to the source, and adjusting the sensory input in order to elicit a positive response.
It is clear and well defined, when a person wears badge lanyards from the employers, that the person works in the establishment, hence the customers will easily be able to distinguish this, without even looking at the ID card that is normally attached to the lanyard. They would be able to ask the employee and eventually strike up enough to purchase something from the store. Many people don’t bother themselves with the name of the employee; however, they are very picky with the name of the business. Badge lanyards are a very simple, cheap, and effective way to advertise and present a business identity to customers and competitors alike.

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A different generation requires a different way to meet the demands and expectations of the consumers. When the world improves, the people improve with it, and that is the basic motto of the innovators in the business industry. Every year, technology is changing, and that includes commercial industries. Where consumers are sellers stays, where there is a crowd, there is an entrepreneur; when papers were invented, paper postings was the leading method of advertising; and when phones came out, there comes telemarketing. Where are the consumers today? In addition, what kind of marketing do they choose to be convinced?

Computer technology leads to a fresh start of advertising. That is where people just click a button and there they can view the details of a specific product or service. The problem came in when the online advertising became rampant. Many business retails grabbed the chance to advertise what they sell online; causing the online marketing common, that it makes the consumers not excited anymore. Then there were retailers that started using a live chat support that made an edge among the common advertisements. A fresh way to boost up sales and at the same time catches the consumer’s attention.

live chat supportConsumers prefer a live chat support because of numbers of benefits that a simple advertisement cannot give them. The live chat support gave costumers the high satisfaction they are looking for than a phone support can give them. The first reason why customers prefer a chat support is that their queries or concerns are answered immediately. Although a phone query can also make this satisfaction, it is easier to use a live chat support for a phone call could take more time than a chat that only takes the costumer to click a button, and then they will automatically connect to the online support staff.

Another reason why a customer prefers using chat is that they can multi-task. This is where chat support is an edge with other line of selling. The method is just like talking face to face with the staff. A phone call may require the costumer to stop what they are doing to answer the questions or listen to the instructions of the staff. With a live chat support, the customer can still stay online because both of his or her hands are free. They can type information to the computer and do whatever the customer will have to do while talking to the online support.

Live chat support also provides an efficient communication method that enables the consumers understand and get the information exact and clear. Response is faster and more convenient in a chat support; there is higher assurance that the full attention of the staff is on the customer. Surveys also found out that customers appreciate the response better than getting an email that it takes longer wait and sometimes, the email just does not get into your inbox.

Consumers prefer live chat support because some of them do not like talking on the phone. Signals and sometimes the way some people talk is hard to comprehend. Chat is a better medium to quickly get a response and receive the ideas clearly and at the same time makes the consumers feel like they are in control of the conversation.

Online shoppers are usually the people who are very busy to go out and choose what they would like to buy in a mall. They are usually the career men or women that stays at work longer, and because of that, they prefer live chat support because they can chat while they are at work without making too much noise in the office. The chat support is offered proactively while customers are browsing which is a very essential move to let the customer choose and shop more.

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One might think that he would not need additional information when purchasing golf balls. There are in fact a lot of things to consider when choosing this golf equipment such as construction, cover material, dimple arrangement, and additional innovative features. There is even such a thing as golf ball fitting. This ensures that a player would have a golf ball that would best match his drive styles and game plays. To help locate the perfect ball, here is a guide on what to look for when purchasing these balls.


Compression or Feel


In technical terms, compression is the degree of deflection a golf ball will undergo when it is hit with the club. In other words, it is the “feel” that one gets when he hits the ball. This degree is determined by the core layers of the ball. A high compression is equivalent to a hard feel. A hard feel is experienced when a shock is transmitted through the club to the golfer’s hand upon hitting the ball. An advantage of high compression golf balls is their capacity to have farther flight distance, as they are able to store energy more efficiently. However, a certain level of control is given upon for maximum distance, especially around the green. High compression balls also require high swing speed to compress the ball better.


On the other hand, low compression balls have a soft feel when hit. These balls could generate better and greater backs pins, especially with a lofted irons. It also provides the golfer with a higher degree of control as he does not need to swing at a high speed. However, low compression golf balls do not cover as much distance as high compression ones. Majority of the players prefer low compression to high compression balls.




The feel of the ball is often based on how the ball was created in the first place. Construction of the ball also helps a golf player determine how the ball would react when hit with the club. Manufacturers are in fact focusing on how they could further improve and push the parameters of the golf ball construction.


The most basic construction is the one-piece golf ball. This is designed for beginners and for people who frequent driving ranges. It is the least expensive type of ball and is created as cost-efficient as possible. Though it is reasonably durable, it is soft and has a very low compression. It provides the shortest flight distance and is not commonly used as a playing ball.


A more commonly seen type is the two-piece golf ball. It is constructed for the regular golf players, as it mixes maximum distance with strength. It has higher compression, thereby higher flight distance. Maximum distance however is attained at the expense of control. This type is the most popular among golf players.


The next type is the three-piece golf balls. They have lower compression than the two-piece, thereby providing higher degree of control over the flight of the ball. At this point, it is good to note that when additional layers are added to the ball, the spin-separation would also increase. The higher the spin-separation of the ball, the easier it is for the player to customize the performance for a driver.



golf ballsA four-piece golf ball has layers that have specific and varying purposes. The goal of the four-piece is to provide the softest feeling attainable while still offering the longest hitting possible. The first layer, or the innermost core, handles the distance covered by the ball, while the second layer transfers the energy. The third layer is essential for the increased driver distance while still having the mid iron spin. The last and outermost layer is responsible for the overall feel.


The most recent innovation is the five-piece golf ball. it offers higher spin-separation and greater performance advantage, as compared to the four other types. It is also the most expensive.


Here are just some things a golf player should consider when looking for golf balls. However, the best way to evaluate a golf ball is still through hands on experience.

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There is a balancing act that is involved with marketing as a whole today. When you want to ensure that your website gets as much attention as possible, you will find that you will need to move forward within the world of internet marketing collateral that is not the same as it once was. There was a time when you could do just about anything to move forward within the ranks of internet search collateral and make it out on top. That’s long gone and you’ll find that to be absolutely true when you break down what needs to be done in order to gain leverage within the world of search engines today. In the past, you could do just about anything to get noticed and you would in fact get a lot of attention. That’s not the case any longer, and you will need to hire NY SEO services at one point or another. Hiring someone to help you gain leverage will definitely be worthwhile.

The Reason Marketing Is More Complicated Today

SEOThere are a lot of people that assume marketing online is a simple task. It used to be a bit easier in the past, but today, it’s a lot more difficult. You will find that the issue relies heavily on how you few things. If you look at working within the parameters of the past, search engines will not deem your site worth mentioning or indexing. The reason why that is because search engines are changing the rules of engagement and are starting to focus more on the larger relevancy factor that they have in place. If you want to be relevant within the world of marketing, you will need to focus on the right pieces as outlined by search engines today.
Here’s the kicker, however, you will not be told outright what pieces you will need to work within. That’s right, the search engines aren’t displaying the right balance or giving anyone a blueprint for engagement. It’s within that work that you are going to find yourself drowning in regards to implementation strategies.
With the changing of the guard, so to speak, many people are finding it harder than ever to get noticed on the web. If you want to get a semblance of movement forward, you will need to look into hiring someone that is going to help you build the right components overall.

The Right Pieces of NY SEO

Search engine optimization is not simple any longer. You will need to work with a lot of different parameters if you want to gain leverage within the world of marketing today. You will not only need to configure the right collateral, but you will need to make sure that you are not focusing on things that are going to cause you to lose market share. For instance, if you were to work within the parameters of content design and implementation, you would need to work on 15 different types of projects. That’s right, today, there are 15 different types of marketing pieces that will either make or break your overall design quality.
The many pieces that are related to just content will complicate your marketing push forward and will cause a great deal of leverage to go to your competitors overall. It’s just not a good thing to chase, and something that will definitely cause a lot of collateral issues moving forward. Working with all the pieces will be difficult for those that want to do it all on their own, which is why a professional should be called in to move forward.

The Wrong Way To Do Marketing

There are many people that work within internet marketing today and even sell services. However, you’ll find that they rely on shortcuts and will end up causing your page to plummet in the rankings. Any shortcut that is taken into the world of modern optimization will end up being an albatross around the proverbial neck of your site. Search engines are cracking down more than ever on anyone that is taking to task older methods that aren’t coherent with the strong ethics that they want to push forward within the internet marketing world.
The more you comply with the rules as they are today, the higher the chances are that you are going to get traffic to your page. Traffic generation is not as cut and dry as you may think, and it requires more work than ever before. You’ll find that if you’re not working on the different pieces all the time, you will not be able to get any sort of attention online.

Taking The Long Road

Search engine optimization today is going to take you a long time to fully implement. The long road of marketing in today’s framework is something that should not be taken lightly. You will need to not only work on marketing within the world of the art of link strategies, but you will need to work on content, onsite NY SEO and so much more. It’s not a simple thing any longer. Take time to build the right collateral and you’ll see a great deal of influence in any industry you can think of getting involved with.


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Search engine optimization is not something that you should assume is easy. Sure, there are some things that you can definitely tell are simple and easy. However, the words bring on serious complications when you understand them on a professional level. There’s a reason why there are so many companies that work within the ranks of professional SEO services, and there are a lot of blogs that are simply speculating about it.

SEONo matter how you pursue it, SEO is an important aspect that you should consider in regards to internet marketing. It may not be the whole picture, but it most definitely is part of it, and a significant one at that. There are some good ideas that you can start working with before hiring a professional and there are some seriously bad ideas. The following are the top 5 bad ideas that you’re going to find people make continuously in regards to search engine optimization today.

5 – Hidden Text

There are a lot of people that think of keywords and then just post them inside of their site. The secret here is that they are hiding them with color. You’ll find that many pages have hidden text and code all over their source, and you can’t see it because it’s hidden in plain view. For instance, if there’s a site that has a white background color, a marketer will take keywords and stuff them onto the site and then color them white. They blend in, no one knows they are there, and when crawlers come through, they pick them up. This doesn’t work, and it’s seen as spam and abuse of the search engines.

4 – Stuffing Meta Tags Into The Header

In the past, you could definitely use meta tags in the header and other parts of a page and see major influence. Today, you will not be able to stuff them with keywords and get a high rank. They are still used, but they are not considered nearly as important as other aspects. You will need them still, but you don’t need to focus on them with the same kind of popularity as in the past.

3 – Buying Backlinks in Bulk

One of the worst things that you can do right now is simply purchase SEO backlinks in bulk. Do not purchase hundreds of links right now, you will end up getting delisted from search results. If you are completely gone from search results, you will not see any traffic on your page at all. Do not run this risk at all, focus on getting links from SEO professionals that are not buying in bulk. This is only going to cause trouble in the long term.

2 – Never Linking To Any Site

Outbound links can be seen in two lights. They can be seen as helpful, or they can be seen as irrelevant. Today, the search engine algorithms that are most prominent, are highlighting this as a good thing, when it applies. Think about it in academic terms. When you’re writing an essay, you will have references that you need to cite. That’s the same thing you can expect from web sources and content marketing. Link away, but don’t create hundreds of outbound links to the same place. Page rank is not effected with this anymore.

1 – Overestimating Keyword Density

Repeating keywords in a natural manner is ok, but if your content has the same keywords placed within the body several times, at an obnoxious rate, you’ll get penalized. Some people put in 10 or 12 of the same words over and over again, and it looks obvious to the reader that they are trying to game the system. This is a terrible idea, no matter how you slice it.

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